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Many times I have been deceived by substandard reviews made solely for the sake of money. I put out the top best reviews for cam sites, based on their reliability and relevance. Let’s look at this list.


ou may ask why I do not consider sites such as – – – -? Everything is effortless. For large sites, only the money they earn is important. Doubling the user’s intent, few people care when $ is at stake, I have a lot of friends who deal with cam sites. Guess how they got into this business? Accurately – first of all, they got acquainted with the reviews that are in Google search and went to conquer the sites that are in the first places there. Not knowing the rules of the game, not knowing what an affiliate program, etc.


The first place was a relatively young and straightforward website with every chance to conquer the world of the review. The work on the site is carried out by a person known to me -Ann. The guys write a disclaimer on top of each review, stating that they make money on this site. They qualitatively rated the top best cam sites and thought out a great design.

The content, which located on, is worthy of attention. There revealed many secrets that can not found in other reviews.

If you look from the feedback side, this is one of the few sites that answered me in a contact form and explained where and how they wrote off my money. Moreover, they offered to return them if I was not going to use my account to flirt4 for free.

As for the big/large reviews, they’re not even ready to reply to their user’s message, given that I read a lot of tops such as or But try to explain MY POINT OF VIEW – the larger and more successful website – less configured to provide relevant data.

I want to draw attention to affiliate programs of cam sites. One of the most successful is and In these photos, you can look at 2 photos of the best sites that they advertise to make sure that they promote only personal interest in the form of money.

Check first photo

Is is scum?

and second photo
Is bestadultcams is scum?

In 2 photos, we see that on these sites(in list of top cam sites) – only giants of cam businesses are built. I lost money without receiving any information in return. That’s why I decided to write this post about the best reviews of adult video chats.

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Elliot Chan

Author: Elliot Chan