LogMeOnce Review

Password Manager provides ease of use in additional functions and the need to remember only one password to enter the program, not dozens. Here is more about the LogMeOnc service.

The functionality of Password Manager software

Our life smoothly flows into the virtual world, where the process of commodity exchange, buying/selling, communication and other aspects of social life is already rapidly going on. Naturally, this part of life should be a well-kept secret from prying eyes and scammers. The latter now has a large number of tools to guess passwords of average difficulty. These are programs that select thousands of numbers and letters in a short time, and their algorithm itself is built on the most common alphanumeric combinations with the possible connection of the personal data of the user who is trying to hack. Therefore, it is recommended not only to create complex code but also not to apply one to several resources. It is difficult to keep complex secret data in your head, and writing it down in a notebook or e-mail is not safe. This is the case, where special software for generating passwords can be useful.

A password manager is a software that works independently or as part of other software (browser, antivirus, operating system, VPN client, etc.) that safely stores and provides quick access to the username and password bundles, as well as other important information for accessing network resources and applications (card numbers, PIN codes, tokens, etc.). In many cases, password managers can automate the process of entering confidential information – they fill in the required fields on pages opened in a browser or another application window.

Characteristics of a strong password include:

  • contains uppercase and lowercase letters;
  • contains numbers and symbols;
  • more than 8 characters long;
  • is not a word in any of the languages, dialects, slang, slang;
  • not based on personal information.

Analysis of known software products that can be used to store passwords showed that, despite minor differences, software solutions are quite standard and not adapted to the needs of business password management.

Detailed review of LogMeOnce service

LogMeOnce is a cloud-based password storage solution that automatically fills in forms on websites. The service is currently considered one of the best password manager Reddit, easy-to-use cross-platform password storage programs. LogMeOnce enables users to denote one account beneficiary to get access to all login credentials and up to five app beneficiaries to receive access to one specific website. The utility synchronizes the operation of devices running on Android, Windows, iOS, macOs platforms.

The utility has a lot of different functions in its arsenal, which decrypts and tests passwords for the level of security as quickly as possible. It is a convenient password manager for Windows that reliably stores your data: logins, passwords, pin codes, card numbers, etc. The program uses the AES-256 encryption algorithm, so no one but you will have access to the data. It is also possible to synchronize the database with cloud storage.

Main LogMeOnce functions include:

  • create passwords that cannot be guessed by a person,
  • securely store passwords (and answers to secret questions),
  • with a master password (or passphrase) protect all your passwords.

After installing the program for passwords or entering new code into the registry of the utility, it checks it for reliability and safety. If your account is hacked, the utility instantly and automatically changes the password for this resource. Also, the advantage of the program is in the automatic synchronization of data on all connected gadgets.