Vipre Antivirus Review

Vipre antivirus is the new product in the market which has combined anti-spyware, firewall protection and antivirus for the best quality security. For the Vipre Antivirus review, it has borrowed some features from other antivirus but it has produced unique tools and services. It normally has the 30-day free trial, low-cost subscription plan which is yearly, and user-unfriendly practices which are common with some of the programs in the market.

Set up of Vipre antivirus

When installing Vipre antivirus, it can take you about fourteen minutes. A download process is very simple, even though it requires you to restart the PC. You are supposed to remember that when installing it you are supposed to uninstall any antivirus program which may be running in the PC. Once you have installed it, you will experience an important performance that will solve your problem. The antivirus does not take up more space on a disk and you are unlikely to face any slowdown even though it does not match upto some of the programs.

When you are setting it up, you will view the demonstration of every feature available. Even though it may be enticing of being stuck to this program which is worth of watching it and the demonstrations which come up with useful guidelines. Vipre Antivirus presently comes with the unlimited home license which means all computers can be protected in our homes using one subscription making it very useful to a house which has various technology


Vipre antivirus uses the integrated anti-spyware and antivirus technology, and two-way firewall which protects the PC from malware, viruses, adware, spyware, worms, rootkits, and phishing attacks. The initial scan bypasses Windows operating system as it scans the entire hard drive for the malware where the advanced heuristic detection where MX-Virtualization is included.

The effectiveness 

Vipre antivirus picked up many of the viruses which we normally pass its way during the tests although it is the new antivirus in the market. It has the checkmark certification which has been for the West Coast Labs because of effective anti-virus protection and to certify that it catches the set of prevalent and old viruses from “Wild List”. It also has been assessed by ICSA and it has passed VB100 test to attain VB100% award.

Scans and updates 

The Vipre antivirus runs in the real-time while monitoring and protecting the PC against unknown and known threats. The antivirus runs within a Windows kernel and it is effective when stopping any viruses, malware or worms before it gets a chance to ascribe itself to the system. The fast scans form this antivirus help it to perform very fast and also with the deeps scans even though it a bit slow when you compare it with many antivirus.

The update of Vipre antivirus is programmed to automatically run, once after some hours, but also you can set it manually to scan for the updates when need be. It tells you through the very annoying pop-up when it is installing updates and updating the new virus signatures giving you a chance to pay attention to the protective actions that are required.