What is Bitdefender Threat Scanner?

Antivirus scanners

Antivirus scanners are the tools that quickly remove viruses and cure an infected system. It is an additional check for viruses without conflicts with the main antivirus. BitDefender is a free version of high-quality antivirus designed to detect and remove all sorts of viruses. Bitdefender free antivirus is built on an antivirus module that is used in paid products of the company. Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition is very easy, simple and features effective scanning mechanisms that run faster than competitors.

Tests of antivirus laboratories confirm the high detection rate of malware. However, AV-Test tests conducted in December 2017 revealed several flaws in detecting zero-day threats. At the moment, the anti-virus database of the program recognizes about 500,000 viruses. Besides, on the developer’s site, you can download utilities (Removal Tools), designed to remove the most common and harmful germs. Bitdefender Internet Security combines award-winning anti-virus technology, robust, intelligent firewall and a rich collection of advanced security tools. You get a spam filter, improved parental control, high-quality protection against phishing, protection against encryption, protection of the webcam, file encryption, etc. The comprehensive antivirus also includes several additional security features that Bitdefender Antivirus Plus also offers.

Wi-Fi Security Advisor alerts the user when connecting to an unsecured wireless network. Bitdefender Home Scanner is a standalone application that is available for free use to check the security of all devices connected to your home network. You can utilize the threat scanner for scanning server systems and computers for potentially dangerous malicious codes and threats, along with locations where the latest security patch has not been applied or uploaded. When the scanner reveals a malware, it attempts to isolate the injected file and folder.

The scanner will warn you and provide you the opportunity to delete this infected file or separate of the computer on which it is located to get rid of the infection and secure from further loss of personal data. BitDefender Antivirus Scanner for Unix-based systems is a multifunctional on-demand scanner for Linux and FreeBSD systems. A standalone scanner protects disk partitions of Unix and Windows systems by scanning for viruses and spyware.

A convenient graphical user interface is complemented by a multifunctional command line interface that fully supports the operating system scripting toolkit. The scanner works autonomously, the local central management server or the update for its operation is not required.

The main features of scanner functioning include the following:

  •        Ultra-Accelerated Scanning, it is completed in less than 60 seconds
  •        This tool does not slow down the computer of the user.
  •        It is based on BitDefender anti-malware technologies that are internationally recognized.
  •        Online Scanning any computer connected to the Internet

The message BitDefender Threat Scanner may appear, it is usually caused by incorrectly configured system settings or irregular entries in the Windows registry. This error can be fixed by special software that restores the record and adjusts the system settings to regain stability. Anti-Virus works in automatic mode, and user intervention is practically not required. Bitdefender reliably performs essential protection functions.