Scanguard Antivirus Review

On our website two software products — Scanguard and Scanguard Essential are presented. The difference between them consists in a set of auxiliary modules. So, in Scanguard Essential there is not enough module of optimization, cleaning of temporary files, check of safety of Wi-fi and also the module of correction of vulnerabilities (Patch Up). 

Other functions of these antiviruses identical, namely, are a part of both software products several antivirus engines — Cloudy scanner,a sandbox, the module of safe purchases on the Internet, the module of protection against malicious applications (malware), protection of the webcam and protection against keyloggers, the module of protection of a system. The last module includes check of USB carriers at connection, the firewall, behavioural blocking, protection of the register, verification of files when opening and saving and some other types of runtime-protection. 

Comparison with competitors

Let’s look how Scanguard looks along the background of competitors. As a product is free, competitors reviewed will be free too. However there is a lot of antiviruses and to compare the considered product to all existing antiviruses it would be problematic therefore as competitor for Scanguard review.

Why Avast?  

There is a good reason to choose an Avast as a first competitor when you are trying to compare the Scanguard protective tool with the others on the market. At first, it is one of the most popular antiviruses on the market and it is also branded. Secondly, there are many common features shared between the Scanguard and Avast, thus it is understood while exactly this tool has to be compared with the one we have chosen as the primary. 

At last, when it comes to the antiviruses we usually do not make an advanced analysis, while when it comes to Avast and Scanguard those can be done due to the amount of information provided by the manufacturers. 

 There are several features to be compared when reviewing these two antiviruses:

  • Protection against malware — malicious software belongs to basic functions also. The matter is that some vendors of antiviruses select this feature to be the solution which has been developed separately, while others prefer to include it to other module and the third ones do not mention it at all. .
  • Resource Efficiency – the majority of the antiviruses consume too much resources which makes them almost useless as they provide some kind of protection, however, they slow the computer down too much and decrease user experience.
  • The number of signatures – the number of signatures is important- the more there are viruses in the base of the solution the more is the chance it can cope with all kinds of tasks and provide you with true safety.  


Due to the results of comparison it was figured out that the Scanguard is a bit more efficient than the Avast, although the problem is that it is loses in usability. And there is one more fact one should know – Scanguard is less known brand that  the Avast – thus, this explains the popularity of one and the fact no one knows the second.