IdentityForce Reviews: Is It Good or Bad?

Today, we’ll take a look at one of the leading companies for identity theft protection, Identity Force. In case you’ve ever heard about it and wonder whether it’s good or bad, you should study IdentityForce reviews and learn everything about it. Let’s get to know more about the plans the company offers, the prices, and the main advantages that make this service worth every penny.

A brief overview

IdentityForce delivers all-round protection and may even monitor one’s credit information with a dedicated plan. The system looks after the changes in public records, addresses, court files, etc. It monitors user’s personal information on a variety of sites to prevent fraud. The program also monitors sex offender registries and whether the user’s name has any associations with them.

Finally, there is a dedicated app to help get control over all that. Mobile Attack Control is a convenient app that brings an extra layer of protection from spyware and unsecured Wi-Fi spots. Aside from being protective, the app duplicated notifications in case any suspicious activities happen.

Two main plans and prices

The company offers two plans that offer different bundles of features. A person can easily pick the most well-suited option paying for the wanted services only.

  • Ultra Secure plan is very affordable and costs only $10 monthly. It monitors different aspects and delivers alerts when the system comes across relevant suspicious activities on the dark web, social media, etc. Users also get banking alerts and identity theft insurance. IdentityForce monitors the changes of addresses and other public information sites.
  • Ultra Secure+ Credit plan covers all the features Ultra Secure offers. However, it stands out offering three-bureau credit monitoring. The plan costs $18 monthly. This plan also gets a handy credit score simulator that is very helpful for serious financial decisions.

Both plans have lots to offer and can be modified into family plans with the ChildWatch add-on program. To access this feature, one needs to call the support team.

Both plans also offer identity theft insurance. The sum is $1 million. It helps users to recover their identity. The insurance deals with lost wages if applicable, too.

The advantages that make it worth your attention

  1. 24/7 monitoring, alerts, and tech support;
  2. Two-step authentication for complete safety;
  3. Investment accounts monitoring;
  4. A dedicated app for a smartphone;
  5. Cost-effective family plans.

Things to take into account as well

Before deciding to get IdentityForce, it’s essential to account for some crucial facts. First of all, every user gets a huge variety of alerts. They are helpful in stopping personal information leaks in time. Banking alerts belong to a separate category. They monitor only financial activities like credit cards, investment accounts, and all sorts of related frauds. The notifications come automatically the moment the system detects them.

Secondly, dark web monitoring is a very useful feature present in both plans. It makes sure the user’s personal information won’t appear on illicit sites traded or sold. The engine checks the person’s social media for suspicious activities as well.

Finally, in case a user needs credit monitoring, the only way to get it with this company is to pick the Ultra Secure+ Credit plan. The plan also brings users a simulator to help make important financial decisions while credit monitoring uses three-bureau scanning.