Hacking Web Cameras

There are many examples of remote hacking equipment. One of the examples of this hacking occurred recently with one of the top cam sites. A specific group of individuals made a series of attacks on the Bongaсams resource. As a result of this attack, software bongaсam suffered. In particular, the web cameras of models that turned out to be unprotected were attacked. When choosing a site, it is essential to understand what level of protection it has. How to deal with attacks from the outside and protect personal data. The topic of webcams is quite widespread, but despite this, we found only a few reviews in which these indicated parameters.

It is essential to understand that neglecting your privacy; you can be robbed. Your personal data that falls into the hands of scammers is used to create sites and fake accounts. You can be blocked on a large number of useful and famous resources.

Also, cybercriminals can seize data on your computer through a website they hacked.

Types of Stollen Information

You have stolen billing information. There is no need to explain the level of problems that arise. Attackers can safely pay with your online payment method. Understanding that you were robbed usually comes with the adoption of a zero or negative balance (if it is a credit card) in your account.

Statistics:In 2018, 28% of attacks were targeted at ordinary people. It is noteworthy that in five out of every six cyber incidents, the malware was used. More often than not, spyware (34% of cases of infection), cryptocurrency miners (27%), and malware for distributing advertising (18%) got to victims’ devices. And the most popular infection routes were web resources (33%) and official mobile app stores (25%).

Be careful when choosing online platforms that provide services requiring you to enter personal or payment information.

From 2017 to 2020, the growth of cyber-attacks is measured at 30-35% annually.

Most often, attackers use combined attack tools such as malicious software and brute-force attacks.


In order to protect yourself:

  • Protect data (do not store in the clear, do not use suspicious free services for data storage)
  • Do not use simple passwords
  • Monitor system security
  • Improve customer safety